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Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm back!

Hello, hello, hello!

Wow! My last post was back in April of 2012 and so much has happened, so let's play catch up.

2012: I began stretching my relaxers. I was religiously relaxing my hair every 5 weeks. Then I saw so many YouTube videos from relaxed people, stretching their relaxers for weeks and weeks and I thought, I could do that! So I did. I stretched for 6 weeks and then 8 weeks and then 10 weeks etc until I reached 20 weeks and then I had an epiphany in 2013! (Maybe I should do a post on stretching between relaxers, if you think I should, please leave a comment below.)

2013: What was my fantastic epiphany? Well, I decided to stop getting relaxers! During a long stretch in 2013, I looked at my regimen and asked if I really needed this step, and I didn't. So my last relaxer was March 2013. Are you wondering how, why? Look for my next post: My journey to natural hair!

2014: I had decided to be a long term transitioned so that's what I did. Not much to report this year.

2015: I big chopped, which wasn't much of a chop as I had been slowly trimming my hair during my two year transition in March of 2015.

Now you are pretty much caught up. Whoa, I guess it really wasn't that much. 

Well, I am back and I have plenty of idea for new post and I hope I hope you stay tuned for the next one.

Be well and have fun!

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