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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My race against breakage!

January 4, 2011

Hello, hello, hello!

Oh woe is me! Have you ever felt that you are racing with your hair and your losing!? I look at other women's hair stories and they are reaching there goal so quickly! I feel like the turtle in the race.

I was sitting on my couch feeling frustrated with my hair. Wondering what I have I been doing wrong. My ends STILL aren't where they are supposed to be. I mean I know that the ends of your hair are the oldest and I have been relaxing my hair for over 20 years and treating it very badly all this time, so I can't expect a complete turn around so quickly can I?! Well, I want one anyway lol.

So in 2011 it's time to buckle down and get serious about these ends! When I thought I was babying my ends, it was only slightly caring for them with the care they needed. I mean they are very damaged. Relaxers every 5 weeks from root to tips! Flat ironing every other day... Yes, it was bad and as bad as it was I need to be that much nicer to it now.

So instead of sitting there and feeling completely sorry for myself, I got up. I moisturized my hair in sections with profective, sealed with castor oil and twisted like a roll in two and put a scarf on for bed.

This is really a T&E (Trial and Error) for me. I have never really sealed with castor oil before by itself because it was so thick, but I think my hair needed some tough love! I also plan to wash my hair tomorrow if I am feeling better (Stupid cold! How terrible to start off the new year sick?)

So plan for tomorrow? Wear my protective style with ends tucked safely away, and co-wash tomorrow.

Products that I used? ProFective Leave-In Strengthener and Castor oil! That's it. I try to keep it simple.

Until the next post, Have fun and be safe!

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